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Situated at the heart of the Aqaba Marine Park Natural Aquarium, Berenice is blessed with an abundance of stunning dive sites within easy reach of our onsite underwater experts. Our ‘in-house’ coral reef named Black Rock is just off the beach and is suitable for both advanced and beginner divers.

 One of Aqaba’s top dive sites, the Cedar Pride Wreck is located next to the Beach Club. Our own diving center is the only Jordanian diving center certified by the National Geographic, 5 Stars PADI which offers state-of-the-art diving facilities. Whether taking a shore entry or boat trip you can experience the best that the Red Sea has to offer and still be home in time for a sundowner drink at the Beach Bar.


By Shore: If entering from the beach please enter and exit the water in the clearly marked entry/exit areas and please do not walk on the living reef to go snorkeling or diving.

By Boat: Full day boat trips with two dives, either with or without guide. Lunch served onboard. Please contact us at for prices of snorkeling or diving packages.

 Popular Local Dive Sites:

First Bay: This 700m long reef is situated just south of Aqaba’s Marine Science Station. The site rapidly descends in the middle to a depth of more than 30m creating two outwardly shallow sites. Reefs fringing this site contain fire corals and branching acropora of various species. Angel fish, lyretail grouper, broomtail wrasse and blue surgeonfish are common. The shallow site on the shore side is perfect for snorkeling.

Japanese Garden: Located just south of the ‘Shipwreck’ this is one of the best dive sites in the world. With very good conditions for diving and snorkeling, the reef begins in shallow water and then gently slopes to a magnificent colourful reef. Sunbeams from the surface gleam off large schools of Anthias (goldfish). Royal angel fish, moray eels, and large clams are very common.

Shipwreck “Cedar Pride”: The Cedar Pride wreck is one of Jordan’s most popular and celebrated dives. A former Lebanese freighter, the ship sustained extensive damage during a fire in 1982. Following a request from King Abdullah II, the ill-fated vessel was deliberately sunk approximately 50m offshore as an artificial reef for divers. Lying on its port side at a maximum depth of 28m across two reefs, the wreckage has been colonized by numerous hard and soft corals. Marked by a surface buoy, the Cedar Pride can be dived from boat or shore. The uppermost starboard side is at 10m, and so provides a great site for both novice and experienced divers alike and makes for a great night dive.











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